Exercises that can be done at work!

Low back pain (LBP) is a reality in most of our lives at one point or another. It can range from being a “nag” to being totally disabling. Let’s look at some exercises for the low back that can be done from a SITTING position

So that they can be: 1) performed in public (without drawing too much attention) and 2) repeated every one to two hours with the objective to AVOID LBP from gradually getting out of control (STOP the “vicious cycle” so LBP stays “self-managed”).

1) DON’T do any exercise that creates SHARP pain.
2) Stay within “reasonable” pain boundaries.
3) DO these multiple times a day WHEN you feel tight, stiff, or sore (take 10-30 sec. every hour rather than 15 min. twice a day).



1) Slowly bend forward from a seated position and attempt to reach the floor.
2) Spread the knees as needed to allow for a full range of motion.
3) Hold for 3-10 seconds or until it feels “loose.”
4) Do the opposite—sit and arch your low back as far back as is comfortable. Repeat frequently for short hold-times—make it “fit” your time limitations/schedule!
1) Cross your legs.
2) Raise the knee to the opposite shoulder.
3) Arch the lower back until you feel an increase stretch in your buttocks.
4) Twist your trunk to the side the knee is raised.
5) Move your knee up/down and around to “feel” for the tightest “knots” and “work” them loose.
6) Modify by bending forward 7) REPEAT on the opposite side.
1) Slowly twist your shoulders and trunk to one side while keeping your knees straight.
2) Reach back and pull for additional stretch, if comfortable.
3) Hold for 3-10 seconds or until it feels “loose.”
4) REPEAT on the opposite side.
Remember, DO these MANY times a day (at least once every hour).

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